Mumbai It had been two years since my last real vacation and five years since I last visited Mumbai. Recent tragic events in Mumbai only added to my desire to make a trip out to visit family and once again experience the sights and sounds of the city where I was born.

It had been a particularly busy year. I worked on three new start-ups and finally complete my MBA. As the holiday season approached, I found myself with a rare window of lesser than usual workload. What can I say, when the planets line up, it is best to simply not think too much. I booked my flights and I am now in Mumbai.

Ok it’s not all vacation; I brought my laptop so I can do a little work. After all, it has the side benefit of being able to keep my blog updated. I thought I would post some pictures from my visit around Mumbai.

This is Bandra where I am staying at Grandma’s place 
Cool abandoned house by the beach

Sunset at Bandstand 
Funky Mumbai building

Hanging out the train on my way to downtown 
Masjid wholesale bazaar – they say you can buy anything you can think of here

Throngs of people out shopping and dealmaking 
The Mumbai "City Hall" accross the street from CST station

City Hall from a distance 
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station from the outside

Flora fountain 
This is as close as they would let anyone get to the Taj Hotel

Lots of well wishers and curiousity seekers out for the evening 
The famous Leopolds Cafe in Colaba

Leopold’s packed with patrons – there are some visible bullet holes in the walls but… 
…the beer was especially nice. No sign of "Shantaram" but it was a Sunday after all…

Paan – an Indian dessert 
Back on the train